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The fantastic Humpback Whale

The fantastic Humpback Whale...

Humpback whales arrive every single year to the Ecuadorian Coast between June and October looking for tropical waters for breeding. They belong to the Southeastern Pacific stock which migrates along the west South America coast from Antarctic where feeding grounds are located and the tropical zone between Ecuador and Panama where reproduce. Humpback whales are huge animals reaching 16 m in length and up to 40 tons in weight. All the reproductive process occurs in tropical waters, and calves born after 12 months of gestation.

The humpback whale is a coastal species; so it is not necessary to go that far into the ocean to find them. In some strategic sites it is possible to watch the whales from the coast. The approach of tourist boats could be a potential threat for whales if this process is not made with responsibility. Specific regulations on the procedure to watch whales have been developed in order to keep a safe distance and to limit the time with them.

Ayangue, septiembre 12 de 2015
Ayangue, septiembre 12 de 2015
Ayangue, septiembre 12 de 2015
Ayangue agosto 31 2014
Humpback whale breaching
Ayangue, septiembre 12 de 2015
El Museo de Ballenas Abril262014
Whalewatching 10 2012
Humpback whale in Ayangue
Our students having fun
Ballenas jorobadas julio 2014


Remember this trip is available between June and October, when they are looking for tropical waters for breeding in the Pacific Coast of Ecuador.

This trip is just for one day, but it is good enough to enjoy the spectacular show they bring us every single year in a row.

Price per person: $100, oo. / Price per two person or more: $80.oo

(We do have special price for groups)


·        Transportation.

·        Boat.

·        Snacks

·        Lunch.

·        Naturalist guide




08:00. Departure from Time for English School.

10:00. Arrive to Ayangue.

10:30  A little snack.

11:00. Whale watching trip

13:30. Visit to The Pelado Island.

14:30. Lunch in Ayangue.

15:30. Return to Guayaquil.

17:00. Arrive to Guayaquil.

If you like to include this field trip in your Spanish courses, let us know in advance in order to have everything ready for you.

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