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Time for Spanish has adapted its levels to the common European Framework of Reference for Languages and offers all levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1. Plus six conversational levels.
Each student's level is determined by an entry test that may be taken over the internet before the start of the course.


Time for English School awards a course certificate to all participants who have attended at least 85% of the programmed.


Extracurricular activities

Students on the Spanish courses are encouraged to participate in all activities as full-time students Such as:

seminars, projections, reading, dancing class and cooking class.  

Malla de espanol.png

STUDY PROGRAM (3 or 4 hours a day) Students will learn the following at each level:    

  • ELEMENTARY LEVELS - You will be able to shop or travel with basic Spanish. You will know the fundamentals of Spanish pronunciation, also you will be able understand Spanish language used in everyday situations, if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly.

  • PRE INTERMEDIATE LEVELS - Identify and describe people,  animals, things - Describe using present tense - Express past actions - Make requests and orders - Describe events - Write about future events - Pronounce correctly. 

  • INTERMEDIATE LEVELS - Express habitual actions in the past - Describe totally completed actions in the past - Combine (unite) past time forms - Use future and conditional tenses - Express courtesy - Express probability and hypothetical situations - Use idiomatic expression. 

  • UPPER-INTERMEDIATE - You will be able to take part in extended conversations; write and understand most text, including a simple essay; understand most of a TV programme, presentation or lecture, but not technical or theoretical information.

  • ADVANCED LEVELS - Express surprise and disappointment - Express doubt and share opinions - Write different type of letters - Express conditions - Express cause and consequences - Write and relate a composition.

  • CONVERSATION LEVELS - Comment on magazine and newspaper articles - Provide analysis of literature - Provide analysis of political, economic and social issues - Express ideas and actions fluently   Having a fluent conversation.

¡Learning Spanish has never been this  fun and easy!

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