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Learning Spanish in Guayaquil-Ecuador

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As you know, learning the Spanish language requires dedication and time.  You will need to use it in your daily activities, so don´t be afraid of speaking, it´s the best way to learn.

We offer:

  •  Group courses/ One to one classes/ Mini group classes or a little combination of both.  We always ensure that student groups are small and intimate and provided a personal and highly interactive learning experience.

  • We peruse an eclectic teaching method, which has proved to be highly successful. We study a diverse array of topics including; tourism, business, marketing, politics, environment and ecology.


Our educational philosophy is simple:

  • Immerse our students in the natural world. As an environmentally focused education area, our Spanish lessons and trips help students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world and its species.    ¡Make your lessons come alive with us!


Host Families for Students

The great majority of students choose to live in a family since it’s a very enriching experience: it gives you the chance to practice your Spanish and learn local expressions while getting to know more about Ecuadorian culture. Our families are carefully selected, and all have much experience with receiving foreign students at their homes. Some of the families are located within walking distance from the school, but not all of them.


Student Room, (previous confirmation of availability)

We do sometimes, having available a spare room; with private bathroom, hot water, air conditioner. With a furnished sharing area; living room, kitchen, WIFI, Internet connection, coffeemaker, microwave, TV, among others. It is ideal for students that really enjoy cooking their own meals and saving some money.

The cost per week is $150, the location It´s perfect for Spanish learners because its located next to the school.

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