Time for English /Spanish is just the right place to learn Spanish in Guayaquil-Ecuador

The quality of its services and the professional and the extensive experience of its staff provide the right combination for a unique language learning program.

Our mission is to promote the outstanding natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador to the international community through teaching Spanish.

It is just simply the right place to learn Spanish in Guayaquil-Ecuador


Hi everyone! My name is Ruby Centeno, I'm Time for English and Spanish School ´s General Manager I always had the dream of creating a different method of teaching English and Spanish.

A method by which the teacher could develop a closer relationship with the students. Time for English  is not only a method designed so that students can express themselves properly, is also focused on helping you to understand texts without confusing the verbs and their meaning. Many Spanish language learners have to think again and again what they mean and often misinterpret the meaning of sentences. This shows that there are shortcomings in the knowledge of Spanish grammar.

After several years of academic development, I had the chance alongside my husband Fernando Felix to make what once seemed like a kind of utopia. Together we have created Time for English and Spanish School, an institute of Language with a different approach, in order to provide students with the tools and essential support to achieve a level of professionalism about Spanish language.