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The firts class will be specifically dedicated to studying Grammar and practicing Reading, Comprehension and Writing style. GRAMMAR:   Each student will study linguistic structures, grammatical functions and rules of Spanish. It has a very pragmatic approach in combination with a wide range of consolidation activities that are selected to reinforce the lesson of the day. READING COMPREHENSION: The development of this skill will be carried out with real texts or learning materials that are coordinated to the lecture.  With the help and guidance of the teacher, each student interprets the texts orally and in writing to further aid their comprehension. Orthographic rules, vocabulary and punctuation will also be reviewed.


This second activity will be dedicated to studying oral comprehension and expression. ORAL COMPREHENSION:  

The development of this skill will be carried out with materials and documents designed to coordinate with the lecture.  The student, with the help of the teacher and different comprehension activities, will then interpret the audio visual materials orally and in writing. ORAL EXPRESSION:  The student will participate interactively in a variety of different activities conducted by the teacher, such as presentations, debates, mini-plays, etc.  These activities will be carried out with different materials proposed by the teacher or the students, depending on everyone's necessities or interests. Spanish Phonetics (pronunciation, rhythm of the sentences and so on) will also be studied. This program is based upon cultural elements as well as the language itself, thus adding a valuable dimension of the Latin American Culture. 


Review activities are done so the student can complete the learning of the week and / or strengthen the gaps that might arise during your program of studies, these classes are a teacher ready to reinforce the lessons of his book, with the purpose of ascertaining whether the student is ready to continue with their next drive and the Know-to strengthen its acquired in each of their classes.Also student will take an oral and written placement test. This has no other purpose than to place the student in the right group at the right level. Students are also evaluated every month.

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