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The friendly Bottlenose Dolphins

These swampy forests where the freshwater of the rivers melt with the salty water of the sea offer an unusual spectacle, especially for nature lovers, poetries, and photographers. The beauty of mangroves transports you to that world of magic and sound just by closing your eyes. Mangroves are found in bays, inlets, lagoons, and channels, where they let us appreciate their enormous roots, which seem to dance freely on the water. Mangroves adapt to different degrees of salinity, capturing oxygen and transporting it to their roots underwater, clinging to the land and capturing nutrients from the sea and then circulate them through its branches, feeding themselves and in turn feeding and sheltering a great variety of fish and shellfish. They also provide sites for nesting for many birds that use mangroves as home. Not forgetting, they play an important role in protecting the coasts against erosion and storms. Mangroves are also important for scientific research, and in our country, they have become an opportunity for tourist recreation. With all the benefits that mangroves offer, it is our responsibility to take care of them, preventing them from disappearing. Let's love life ... Let's take care of our nature!

El Morro Mangroves Wildlife Refuge was declared a reserve by the Ministry of Environment on 13 September 2007. Main conservation targets include a resident population of coastal bottlenose dolphins and a huge frigate bird nesting colony. Located in the El Morro Channel, this beautiful, protected area has 10,130.16 hectares of surface and is part of the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP). Officials of the reserve periodically provide training to both tour operators and local leaders, ensuring that one of the most important economic activities, tourism, is increasing with responsibility and creating opportunities for environmental awareness.

Bottle Nose Dolphin in Puerto el Morro
Puerto el Morro Dolphins
Learning About Marine Mammals
Puna and  Posorja February 7 2015
El Morro, 14 de Mayo 2016 (53)
Dolphins in POsorja
Isla Puna y Posorja febre 7 2015
Puna Island
Puna and Posorja February 7 2015
Puna Island

This trip is just for one day, but is good enough to enjoy the spectacular show they bring us every single year in a row.

Price per person: $80, oo./ Price per two or more: $60.oo

(We do have special price for groups)


·        Transportation.

·        Boat.

·        Snacks

·        Lunch.

·        Naturalist guide

Mangroves of Puerto El Morro

If you like to include this field trip in your Spanish courses, let us know in advance in order to have everything ready for you.

Dolphin Watching



08:00. Departure from Time for English School.

10:00. Arrive to Posorja. A little snack.

10:30. Dolphin watching trip

12:00. Birds observation in Puna Island

12:30. Lunch in the commune of Puna Island

14:30. Return to Posorja

17:00. Arrive to Guayaquil

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