The friendly Bottlenose Dolphins

Puná Island,

This wonderful island with an extension of 919 km2 is located in the estuary of the gulf of Guayaquil, province of Guayas.  It is on the edge of the Estero Salado a branch of sea water that extends 80 km in northeast direction to Guayaquil. Puná is  the third largest island of Ecuador after Isabella and Santa Cruz islands in the Galápagos.

Originated by the accumulations of recent materials and an older nucleus of volcanic rock, Puná is just 3 km from the continent in its closest part (Posorja). The island has a dry tropical climate influenced by the Humboldt Current. Fishing, agriculture, aquaculture and recently tourism are main activities. Surrounded by wonderful mangroves and plenty of coastal and marine birds, you cannot miss this Island after watching the graceful bottlenose dolphins.

Posorja ,octubre 25 2014
Bottlenose Dolphins
Puna and  Posorja February 7 2015
El Morro, 14 de Mayo 2016 (53)
Isla Puna y Posorja febre 7 2015
Dolphins in POsorja
Isla Puna y Posorja febre 7 2015
Puna Island
Puna and Posorja February 7 2015
Learning About Posorja
Puna Island

This trip is just for one day, but is good enough to enjoy the spectacular show they bring us every single year in a row.

Price per person: $80, oo.

(We do have special price for groups)


·        Transportation.

·        Boat.

·        Snacks

·        Lunch.

·        Naturalist guide




08:00. Departure from Time for English School.

10:00. Arrive to Posorja. A little snack.

10:30. Dolphin watching trip

12:00. Birds observation in Puna Island

12:30. Lunch in the commune of Puna Island

14:30. Return to Posorja

17:00. Arrive to Guayaquil

If you like to include this field trip in your Spanish courses, let us know in advance in order to have everything ready for you.